1927 Chevrolet Project

In The Beginning.

This project all began with me looking into my family history through the use of genealogy. It has been awhile since I last researched my family lineage since 2012 do to being in Undergrad and Grad School.


I recently picked it back up this August of 2015 and started searching and behold I found this picture of my Great-Great Grandfather John A. Thorpe with his 1927 Chevrolet Truck on FamilySearch.org. This sparked me to start looking into what kinda vehicle his truck was.

I started looking at the photograph closer and closer and found that the license plate on this truck is a 1927 Utah plate. I also noticed the bow-tie emblem on the radiator shell. This lead to me start searching around the internet and stumbled across a website called VCCA.org.

VCCA logo black and blue AT

This is where I posted on the forum looking to see if anyone could help me figure out what kind of truck it was. To see post click here. There was a few who were willing to help me out especially Dean (Rustoholic on VCCA.org). Dean was telling me that it was 1927 Chevrolet (Model LM) 1-ton Panel Delivery Truck.

Dean knew I was looking for 1927 1-ton truck so one day he was at a VCCA event and showed one of the other VCCA members and his name is Herb. Herb was telling Dean that he had a couple of 1927’s 1-ton trucks. By now Dean has given me Herb’s contact info.

One day I emailed Herb to see if he had 1927 1-ton truck. I waited for about two weeks to receive an email from Herb. I told him my story about wanting to rebuild my Great-Great Grandfather’s truck. He said that if I joined VCCA Club as a member and not just as a form member that the price would be excellent, I joined without hesitation and can be found here.

Giving Thanks and a Revival.

November 28th, 2015

My wife and I planned a trip up to Northern California for Thanksgiving Holiday, to see her side of the family for two weeks. So in the meantime, I started working with talking to Herb and Dean more and more as it got closer to the trip my wife and I was planning. Because the truck that I was going to pick up was in Northern California.

The dates were set for our trip and I asked Herb what date it would be good to come and pick up the truck we set a date and that was November 28th, 2015.

My wife and I traveled to see family in Northern California to spend two weeks with her family and help out with Thanksgiving. We headed up to Northern California with trailer and all that was an adventure in itself. We did end up reaching our destination safely. My wife and I spent time with the family and cooked Thanksgiving dinner and it was great to be with everyone.

November 28th came around and it was 5 a.m. I was getting ready to leave with the trailer. I went to do my pre-check inspection with my lights and tires to make sure the travel would be safe. Know and behold a fuse had blown while plugging the trailer in. I fixed that and started to head to Dean’s house that was about an hour away from where I was located.

I reached his house by 7:30 a.m. and I introduced myself told him my story about how I came about wanting 1927 1-ton Chevrolet truck. I also told him a little about myself.

Well, we chit-chat for about an hour and a half. We finally reached Herb’s place around 9 a.m. I introduced myself to Herb and he told use to come on back to the backyard and garage area he showed us his nice collection of 1920’s Era cars.

He then showed us the vehicle I was picking up.


Dean and Herb Standing next to the 1927 Chevrolet 1-ton I picked up.


Herb and I next to the 1927 1-ton.

Pictures do not do it justice this was history starring me in the face. I was so excited to finally see it in person. We saw that this truck had the original engine, transmission, differential, and drive shaft all there intact.

It took Dean and I took about an hour or so to un-bury this truck.

The only thing this truck needed was the left front wheel to be put on. We decided to jack the truck’s front end up to place the wheel back on. A quick trip to orchard supply and the wheel was back on.

Now it was time to get this old beast out of the hole it was in for so many years.

Here is a video of it being pulled from the backyard to the front with a 1926 Chevrolet half-ton.

Once we got the truck finally loaded onto the trailer and all the sheet metal in the back of my truck bed.

We stopped at harbor freight for some rope to tie the parts down on the truck and in my truck bed.


At the Harbor Freight parking lot with New towing the Old.

While I was waiting I sent a picture of the truck to my dad and called him he was so excited he already was telling me what we needed to do to set up for disassembly and storage of all the parts.

We headed back to Dean’s house but first we made a quick stop in Berkeley, California. To visit with another VCCA member his name is Lou. We stopped to see if he had any parts available for me to buy. I also got to see a massive warehouse of vehicles and automotive parts this was like American Pickers on STEROIDS!!! My life flashed before my eyes. This was every gearhead’s dream.

Once we were done Dean and I headed back to his place we had a pizza for dinner chit-chatted for a little bit and he showed me his mechanical shop and one of his trucks it was a 1928 Chevy Canopy express 1/2 ton.

It was time for me to head back to the in-law’s house and park my truck and trailer for the night. This was a fun and exciting trip that took me 14 hours to complete by the end of the day I was tired.

The Next Morning. 

November 29th, 2015

I woke up the next morning and started to take pictures and figure out what engine it had in it.

So I found out this engine that is in the truck is a 1927 block with a 1928 head on the engine. Because the 1928 head has two exhaust ports where 1927 has 1 except for the updated replacement head for 1927 which eventually ended up with two exhaust ports.

Here are some more pictures of the truck. This is going to be some much fun once it is home and I start working on it.

It just needs a little tender love and care and a lot of elbow grease haha.

Headed Home. 

December 6th, 2015

It was time for me and the wife to head home to Southern California now and we had a great time with her family.


Filling up heading home with my new old ride.

A Great Name. 

March 2nd, 2016

It was time for me to choose a name for my truck. I had finally decided that I would choose Wilford for the name of my truck after my Great Grandfather’s middle name who is my father’s Grandfather who he loved and respected so much.

A Year Later. 

November 29th, 2016

It has been a year now and it has been a difficult one. The Truck Project has been pushed back some time now. But along the way I have been collecting parts for the truck. I should start disassembling the truck very soon.

I recently picked up new(OLD) parts for my 1927 Chevrolet 1-ton. I had recently bought a Headlight bar. A Custom Shriner Moto-Meter that I will be attaching the Square and Compass to it. I also picked up a chain lock for my Moto-Meter. Also, 2 speedometer cables for my truck one for the truck and a spare that I will be using for testing my speedometer and adjusting it. I will be writing a resource manual on how to do this as well as a video.


7 thoughts on “1927 Chevrolet Project

  1. Paul Manuel Lake Charles, LA

    Looks cool very much like the 1928 GMC canopy express I have. I am searching for information about the transmission, is your a four speed? I have a four speed and was told it is a Chevrolet transmission, supposed the only part shared by GMTC and Chevrolet at that time. Any information or good pictures of your transmission would be appreciated. In return I will be happy to share good pictures of the canopy top, parts I repaired and or replaced and how they all fit.


  2. Paul Manuel

    very similar to my 1928 GMC T19, 1 ton truck with original canopy and wood. If you need some information I’d be glad to help.



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